Front view - 3m voile fabric
Detail view - 3m voile fabric
2D view - 3m voile fabric

Product details


Zero waste and 100% DIY! As part of our eco-responsible approach, we invite you to create your own fashion and home decor with our fabrics from our stock at Promod. Let's take a zero-waste action together! Fabric cut 3m x 154cm. Approx 115g/m2. Woven, dyed and finished in Turkey.

Jacquard voile with plumetis. Ideal for making a top, shirt or dress. Sheer, is better with lining.

  • Reference PROMOD ® : 1-7-28-05-28-001
  • Colour: Black


Mainly 84% viscose, 16% polyamide.



300cm x 154cm.