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Get inspired...

Cotton, knits, denim, crêpe and lace: fabrics that are a pleasure to wear! Flattering clothes in carefully crafted shapes with a beautiful soft hang and yet sharply tailored details.
Every morning you can put together a signature look that you feel comfortable in!
Throw on a beige trenchcoat with a nautical top to create timeless elegance.
A floral dress with a little cosy wool cover-up to create city romance.
How about a total look in shades of blue with an iconic denim jacket?
Promod Boutique Française is where to go to coordinate your clothes into a personal fashion statement! You know what colours and prints work for you…we have drawn ideas and inspiration from what women love to wear to design a truly covetable collection!

Promod - Boutique Française
Make it yours!


The brand was founded by Francis Charles Pollet back in 1975. He was an expert in fabrics and wanted to offer women upmarket elegant fashion to create feminine allure. By 1990, Promod was a major fashion retailer in Europe and opened the first Saudi Arabian store in 1999, going on to expand further in the Middle East. Also in 1999, Promod launched its first online shop as a pioneer in the fashion market. In 2006, the brand was introduced in Asia and, in 2013, we opened in America and the United Kingdom.

Today, the Promod brand promotes accessible fashion clothing, in unpretentious natural styles, creating a French fashion spirit in more than 50 countries.


strong style - personality - coordination
feeling great - being natural

At Promod, we strive to create fashion that you want to wear! So you don't follow a quick fad but can put together your own style and be yourself! As easy as that.

wishing - wanting
enjoying - smiling

Inspired creations with timeless wardrobe essentials to mix with the latest prints and colours. It's so easy and fun to throw together a fashion look!

fresh - colourful
light - soft - pure

Promod reflects your fresh, lively spirit with soft modern fabrics and lots of uplifting colours. The store is the perfect spot to browse and put together your very own fashion style.

savoir-faire - care
expertise - detailing

At Promod, we use our technical design expertise, knowledge of tailoring and stylists' ideas to make clothes with a sharp, flattering cut, with great attention to detail.

advising - helping
serving - being present

At Promod, we take care of our customers whenever our assistance is called upon: helping and providing the best service, both in stores and for online shopping.


A style that fits
And reveals your true self.

Irresistible colours and prints,
The detail that makes all the difference.

Perfect-fit clothes
With the right finishing touch.

So you feel good, simply.

Promod - Boutique Française
The rest is about you.