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Everybody loves our leather jackets! There is nothing better than a fitting leather jacket in a cool and rocky style. Promod offers you leather jackets in different lengths. Try on a shorter leather jacket to accentuate your waist and hips. Wear a longer leather jacket with any low waisted jeans or short dress. A leather jacket will give you good company for a lifetime and is a fashion-savvy investment. The real leather creates a rock attitude and feels so soft on the skin. Eleborate details like an eyecatching stitching, a round collar with a stud fastener and small pockets create that unique look that makes this leather jacket stand out of the crowd!

Pair your leather jacket with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers. Or go for the more romantic look and choose an olive coloured leather jacket, a floral print dress and ballerinas. Your leather jacket - your style! Leather jackets can be combined in a variety of ways. Choose the style you like! The leather jackets by Promod will round off your entire look and be a handy addition to your wardrobe! Find leather jackets with a fashion twist at Promod. Get set to stun in any of the jackets from Promod's fashion line!