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**Offer valid from 23/10/2014 to 03/11/2014 exclusively online on when you buy a black article and a second article. The reduction will be applied on the cheaper one. Valid on the womens and mens collection. Excluded from this offer are price-reduced items and low priced labelled items. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Items defined as black have to contain a reference number ending end with one of the following numbers: 001,002,003,004,007,010,014,015,019,080,082,084,101,103,104,110,114,201,202,203,204,207,210,214,215,219,284,301,304,309,311,314,318,320,324,501,503,507,510,514,582,601,701,702,799,801,802,803,804,814,819,880,882,884,899,902,910,926,962,986,987,996; e.g. 1-1-23-01-25-001.