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  • Wear Stark White and Blue | Spring Outfits at Promod
  • Beautiful Festival Outfits | Festival Style at Promod

Find the latest trends for men's and women's clothing online at Promod Boutique Française is a French fashion brand with perfect-fit clothes and the right finishing touch. We offer you a style that fits and reveals your true self. Enjoy every moment in life in fashion with irresistible colours and prints - for more joy each and every day. Discover the new spring collection of 2015 and get inspired by pastel colours, floral prints and light fabrics.

Since autumn 2013, Promod is also offering clothing for men. You will find everything from underwear, jeans and shirts to accessories for men online at Promod. Have a look at the mix of urban street style and sportswear, both casual and chic. Find the latest fashion for men at affordable prices.

This spring season is all about feeling comfortable. Have a look at on-trend dresses in pastel colours and in light fabrics. Wear a trenchcoat to round off the look. Get inspired by French fashion and find women's fashion with a perfect fit. Vibrant colours, accentuating cuts and matching accessories are our favourites this season

You will find everything in our mens- and womenswear from casual to smart outfits. Whether you want to buy basic clothing or statement pieces - find what you need in Promod's online shop.

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